Texan born and raised, Brooklyn based photographic artist Claire Roche has been making pictures comprising of her critical humor as well as her empathetic film stills taken on streets, of her family, and backstage at fashion shows in Paris and New York. 

Claire received her BFA in Photography from Lesley University College of Art and Design, and studied art history at Institut Catholique de Paris in Paris, France. Claire has designed with fashion designers, worked with top photography studios, commissioned by unique companies, written and photographed for international magazines, worked with well known photographers, and danced in commercials for MOSCHINO and New Balance.

Roche works with advertisement mediums such as vinyl and mesh banners, also including large luster prints. Roche has exhibited in New York, Texas, Massachusetts, and has been published in Vogue UK, The Fashion Law, ODDA Magazine, Splash and Grab Magazine, and more. 

She currently lives and works as a Digital Technician and Colorist at TORY BURCH. 

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